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NICE Guidelines on Managment of Back Pain

BackCare's Chief Executive Sash Newman said: "We welcome these new guidelines. For the first time the patient's choice is central to their treatment. At the charity, through our helpline and literature we can provide the necessary information to enable patients to make the correct choice for self help. It is vitally important that an independent organisation like BackCare is able to provide this service."

The use of x-rays or injections in diagnosing non-specific back pain is not recommended in the new guidelines. In the vast majority of back pain cases, X-rays and MRI scans do not provide any useful information on where the pain comes from or how it may be treated.

BackCare’s Chief Executive Sash Newman continued: “For the first time high quality back pain services will be available to anyone accessing NHS services for back pain in England and Wales.

“Previously back pain services were patchy with some examples of very good practice, but also unfortunately many places where people with back pain were not adequately helped by the NHS.

“Most people will benefit from the first line of treatment options, such as acupuncture, manual therapy or exercise, however the ‘combined psychological and physical programmes’, recommended by NICE will be of great benefit to those who still have significant pain after going through these treatment options.”

“The guidelines state that patient preference is important in choosing between acupuncture, manual therapy and exercise. This is why it is important that patients have reliable information on the options available to them.”

Article courtesy of Backcare

The General Osteopathic Council similarly welcomed the new guidelines, stating that ' it will improve patient access for evidence-based care for a health condition that causes 2.5 million people each year to seek help from their GP.

To see the full statement from G.OsC. Click Here