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Tips for Correct Driving Posture

ips for Correct Seating Posture (Courtesy of Recaro Seating)

Even the best in car seat design and optimal ergonomics cannot guarantee correct seating posture. That is down to you. Here we show you what you can do to achieve an ergonomically correct seating posture for you.


This 'relaxed posture with a rounded back is murder on your discs, vertebrae and back muscles.


Sit with your buttocks as close as possible to the backrest. Adjust the distance to the pedals so that your leg is slightly bent when you press a pedal to the floor.

Your shoulders should be as close as possible to the backrest. Adjust the angle of the backrest so that you can easily reach the steering wheel with yor arms bent. Your shoulders should remain in contact with the backrest when you turn the steering wheel.
Adjust the height of the seat to the highest comfortable position. This ensures that you will have a clear view on all sides and of the dashboard instruments.
Adjust the tilt of the seat so that you can easily press the pedals down to the floor. Your thighs should rest lightly on the seat cushion without pressing into it. Check the angle of the backrest before starting the car.
Adjust the seat length adjuster so that your thighs are in contact with the seat almost up to the back of the knees. The distance between the edge of the seat and the back of your knees should be about two or three fingers wide.
Adjust the lumbar support to a point of optimum comfort.The lumbar support is properly adjusted when the natural curvature of your lower spine is fully supported.
The backrest side bolsters should be positioned close enough to your upper torso to provide comfortable lateral support without restricting movement.

The upper edge of the headrest should be aligned with the top of the head. Adjust the angle to allow about three quarters of an inch between your head and the headrest.

Drive Safely!

Article provided courtesy of Recaro Seating