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Mums and Babies

Whenever possible pre-planning for a pregnancy can be helpful in preparing the body for the changes that will take place during the course of the pregnancy. To go into the pregnancy with the spine and pelvis in correct alignment is ideal. Mis-alignment or restricted joint movement can be as a result of an un-resolved injury as a young girl and which may resurface with the stresses and strains of pregnancy. Osteopathy can help to align the spine and pelvis making it easier for the body to make the necessary adaptaions throughout the pregnancy.
Preparing your Body for Pregnancy
During the course of pregnancy, with the increased size of 'your bump', significant changes take place which cause loading on your spine. The centre of gravity of the body changes which causes strain on the lumbar spine. As you approach the time of the birth, the body prepares for the event by releasing hormones that serve to relax the ligaments that bind the pelvic bones together. At this stage the pelvis may become unstable, particularly at the sacro-iliac joints. Osteopathy can help you through this difficult time.
Backcare during Pregnancy
A difficult birth or long delivery can cause excess pressure on the baby's head. This in turn can cause strain patterns on the soft structures which can cause irritation to the brain and central nervous system. Gentle Cranial Osteopathic techniques can help to release these strain patterns which will help the body to develop normally.
Difficulties in Birth
After baby is born, the new mother's body will take some time to normalise and for the pelvis to stabilise after the birth. Osteopathy can help this process helping to reduce pain in the low back and symphis pubis region. Correcting of any alignment issues of the sacro-iliac joints and symphis pubis at this stage can alleviate potential problems later on. We recommend a pelvic assessment about four to six weeks after the birth.
Aftercare for the New Mother