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Coronavirus Update: Clinic Closure

Monday 23rd March 2020 0:00 AM
After due consideration and in line with Government guidelines. I have made the decision to temporarily close the practice as of today.

As my work entails being in very close proximity with patients, albeit, on a one to one basis, taking everything into account, I feel it my responsibility to protect my own safety, and in doing so, the safety of my patients.

I have set up an online consultation service both for new and existing patients. These can be booked either; online by clicking here, or through the Reception Staff by calling 01773 843033.

Clearly, this will be limited in what we can offer patients in terms of actual help as at the end of the day, 'the magic is in the hands'. In order to fully evaluate a person's condition a physical examination and routine tests are essential.

It being a manual therapy, any advice I give might be limited but the hope is that I can provide, at least, some help for a patient in gaining some relief from their pains through this period, until we can get them in for an actual 'real world' appointment.

Once we start to see some return to normality, then I will notify patients through social media and email.

In the meantime, my focus continues to be on the wellbeing of my patients at this difficult time and so I would urge you to follow my blog where you will find information about Health and Wellness generally and more specifically about the Coronavirus and what you can do to help yourself.

I will be adding to this blog on a regular basis.

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