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Paul Ashburner D.O. Registered Osteopath

Paul set up his first practice some 33 years ago, after he qualified in massage and manipulative therapy at the Northern Institute in Blackpool where he went on to gain his honours diploma in manipulative therapy. This was augmented by a further two years of training when he gained his Diploma of Osteopathy at the Northern College of Osteopathy, then under the principle-ship of the late Harry Hawes.

Paul became particularly curious about the Cranial Osteopathic model and studied with the Cranial Osteopathic Association (now the International Cranial Osteopathic Association), of which he has been a full member since 1989.

His interest in the cranial approach saw him continue his study with Hugh Milne D.O. and also to work as a volunteer at the Osteopathic Centre for Children for a period of about a year.

Always keen to promote the benefits of Osteopathy for children, Paul has a perpetual interest in the development of postural problems in children, and has lectured locally to schools and midwives about the subject.

"The growing pains of the young become the arthritis of the old"

Other studies have included;
Osteopathy in Obstetrics
Biomechanics of the lower limb

In his formative professional years, Paul had a thirst for knowledge and a desire to learn from the best in the profession. The result of which is that he has developed a wide repertoire of techniques, which he adapts to suit the needs of the wide range of patients that consult him. He has adopted a holistic approach in that he will assess the whole body and how it relates to the localised condition with which a patient might present. With this in mind, he not only serves to address the immediate pain but looks to the longer term issues that have resulted in the patient having come to seek his help.

Paul has served in office on a number of professional bodies and has appeared on local radio and TV to promote Osteopathy as an effective modality for the ails of mankind.

In the time that Paul has been practicing, he has helped over 6000 individual patients and delivering in excess of 50,000 treatments, making him one of the most experienced osteopaths in Derby and the surrounding area. He has become known locally as a specialist in the of treatment back pain, neck pain headaches and migraine. His knowledge of lower limb bio-mechanics makes him one of only a few osteopaths who treat foot, ankle and knee problems, and he considers lower limb issues as an essential part of the overall body-posture assessment.

As well as being registered with the General Osteopathic Council, which is a legal requirement to practice as an Osteopath in the UK, Paul is also member of the Institute of Osteopathy and a registered physiotherapist with HPC and is a Professional member of BackCare, the national charity for back sufferers. He is also on the list of recognised medical health professionsals for Dance UK, which is the national organsisation which promotes healthcare within the dance professions.

Outside of his work, Paul has a passion for life, with his various activities including: sailing, walking, skiing and dancing.