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40-Something Female Data-inputter

Hi Paul

I write this email in July 2017 after having had treatment from you since February this year. I have suffered from a bad back and various other joint issues for well over 11 years despite regularly visiting another health practitioner. I had reluctantly accepted and consequently thought that I was going to spend the rest of my life with debilitating lower and upper back pain. I had to brace myself to turn over in bed, speed humps were excruciating and bending down to pick things up was difficult due to restricted movement amongst other issues.

Since having treatment with you however my life has improved immeasurably. You discovered that my pelvis was out of alignment which as a result affected my hips and my knees and was the underlying reason I had been suffering with most of my problems. I have more movement than I thought possible, I have less pain, with a twinge here and there as opposed to severe pain for days on end and I can bend down to my cats and do other things I used to struggle with before.

I am so pleased that you were recommended to me, initially for arm pain but subsequently for my other joint/back issues and your treatments have given me back a quality of life I didn’t think I would have. Suffice to say, I am grateful for your help in giving me a more mobile and pain free life so I can go about my daily business without the restrictions and discomfort I have suffered for so long.

With thanks

Lyn Bowen

Data Inputter - Osteopathy For Life Patient Testamonial