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Sports and Hobbies

One-sided sports such as golf, squash, tennis and badminton, can cause us to develop the muscles on one side of the body more than the other leading to postural imbalance. The excessive strain on a particular joint such as the shoulder or elbow when playing a racket sport can lead to a repeative strain type injury resulting in a swollen or painful joint.

More traumatic injuries such as those caused by contact sports, like Martial Arts or team games such as rugby or falling of bikes are likely to cause acute strain on joints and soft tissues that need attention to prevent them becoming a long term problem.

Hobbies and other activaties that involve holding our bodies in a position for a long period of time can cause localised changes to our posture which may result in restricted movment. Such activaties range from sitting knitting to playing a particualtr musical instrument for long periods of time, such as the violin.